Universität Wien

In-Depth Studies Chemical Biology (50 ECTS)

270023 UE Inorganic Chemistry Lab course D - Inorganic Chemistry Lab course IIID - Coordination chemistry
270027 VO Mass Spectrometry - Modern instrumentation, methods and applications
270040 VO Semisynthesis of Proteins - Methods for site-specific protein modifications by chemical and molecular biolobigy approaches
270071 VO Introduction into carbohydrates - Introduction into carbohydrate chemistry and biological chemistry
270100 UE Inorganic Chemistry Lab course A - Inorganic Chemistry Lab course III A - Bioinorganic Chemistry, coordination chemistry
270104 SE Journal Club Analytical Chemistry - for Master and Diploma Studies
270165 VO+SE [en] Nucleic Acid Biotechnology
301037 VO [en] (MIXED) Cellbiology I
301038 VO (REMOTE) Cell Biology II
301591 VO+SE [en] (MIXED) Advanced Cell Biology - Lecture Series

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