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1.2.1. Romanistic Fundamentals of European Private Laws and Case Resolution Techniques

030331 KU (REMOTE) Digest Exegesis
030392 KU (REMOTE) Roman Society - Law of Persons / Family
030656 KU (REMOTE) Digest Exegesis
030664 KU (REMOTE) Digest Exegesis
030183 UE (REMOTE) Exercise on Civilian Foundations - September 2021 Block
030549 SE (REMOTE) Furtum. Case Studies on the Delict of Theft in Roman Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030745 SE (REMOTE) ABGB, Roman Law, and Comparative Law - also for diploma and doctoral students
030750 SE (REMOTE) "Progress in Private Law": Seminal Roman Legat Texts - auch für Diplomand*innen und Dissertant*innen

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