Universität Wien

Extension Curriculum Private Law (034)

030140 KU (REMOTE) Law of Private Property - for Non-Jurists
030517 KO (REMOTE) Conversatorium in Civil Law - for Non-Jurists
030206 KU (REMOTE) Introduction to Tort Law - With aspects of comparative law; also for students from other faculties
030378 KU (REMOTE) Justice and Rule of Law - Fundamental questions of the legal system by current problems
030695 KU (REMOTE) Equal Treatment Act - Diskriminierungsschutz und Rechtsdurchsetzung im Gleichbehandlungsrecht für die private Wirtschaft
030743 SE (REMOTE) Genderproblems in Labour Law and Social Security Law - auch für Diplomand*innen und Dissertant*innen
030784 SE (REMOTE) Seminar for Master and Doctoral Candidates - for diploma and doctoral students

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