Universität Wien FIND

Diploma Teacher Training Programme: Home Economics and Nutrition (477) - discontinued

(kombinationspflichtig neu: LA-HE)

330049 UE (REMOTEPH-WIEN) Practice: Implementation of Curriculum Specific Topics - Independent acting in lesson
330034 UE (MIXEDPH-NÖ) Subject Didactics and Food Processing - in Kooperation mit der PH NÖ
330040 UE (REMOTEKPH) Projects in Household Economy and Nutrition - Haushaltsökonomie und Ernährungswissenschaften
330007 SE (MIXED) Presentationstraining
330002 SE [en] (REMOTE) Nutrition in Developing Countries - Gender, Nutrition & Development
330005 VO (REMOTE) Basics of Food Sensory - für Bachelorstudium
330009 UE (ON-SITE) Practice in Basics of Food Sensory - für Bachelorstudium

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