Universität Wien

1st Stage of the Degree Programme

010018 PS (REMOTE) Exegetical methods
010036 VO (REMOTE) Introduction to the Bible
010003 VO (REMOTE) Biblical Hebrew I
010028 VO (REMOTE) Medieval philosophy
010132 VO (MIXED) Ancient Philosophy
010059 VO (REMOTE) History of Theology
010025 VO (MIXED) Basic Course Canon Law I - Introduction into the fundamental problems of Canon Law: constituitional law, law on the Teaching Office of the Church, law on the Sacraments, state ecclesiastical law (in particular religious education in the school system)
010049 VO (MIXED) Theological methodology
010006 VO (MIXED) Christology
010048 VO (MIXED) Dogmatics: On God
010083 VO (REMOTE) Metaphysics
010027 VO (ON-SITE) Basic Course Patrology
010034 VO (MIXED) Christian Social Ethics I - Sozialverkündigung, Sozialprinzipien und Ethik des Sozialstaats
010026 SE (MIXED) Deleuze vs Badiou
010029 SE (REMOTE) Kyoto School
010075 SE (ON-SITE) Titel - Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Christusbild in der Kunst I
010080 FS (ON-SITE) Artificial Intelligence
010081 SE (MIXED) Pastoral Course I
010109 SE (ON-SITE) What is human ? - On the relationship between anthropology and ethics as reflected in interdisciplinary approaches
010112 FS (MIXED) Research Seminar
010113 FS [en] (MIXED) Learning Ecumenism - Comparing the Catholic and Orthodox Tradition
010115 FS (ON-SITE) ‘Religious Experience‘ in Catholic Theology? Approaching psychology and phenomenology of religion - Religionspsychologie und -phänomenologie im Gespräch mit katholischer Theologie
010119 SE (ON-SITE) Applied ethics in film
010140 VU (ON-SITE) New Testament Greek I
010041 SE (MIXEDKPH) Specific subject didactics - Main focus primary level
010054 UE (ON-SITE) Greek Reading
300156 SE (REMOTE) Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Interdisciplinary discussions of current topics in Philosophy, Theology and Biology
490400 VU (MIXED) PM1 Digital Transformations

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