Universität Wien FIND

Compulsory Modules (45 ECTS)

300367 VO (MIXED) Conservation Biology - (Bereich Naturschutzbiologie)
300009 VO (REMOTE) Cultural foundations of conservation - (cultural foundations of conservation)
300670 VO (REMOTE) Legal basics and implementation in nature conservation - with an emphasis on EU Nature Directives
300174 UE (REMOTE) Conservation training
300363 VO (MIXED) Restoration Ecology and its Application in Nature Conservation - (restoration ecology)
300214 UE (ON-SITE) Herpetology - Current research in ecology, evolution and conservation of amphibians and reptiles
300252 UE (ON-SITE) Course in vegetation ecology - Analyse und Interpretation von Vegetationsaufnahmen
300280 VO (REMOTE) Introduction to mire ecology

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