Universität Wien

Bachelor Teacher training programme: History, Social Studies and Political Education (193 050, 198 411)

070289 OV (REMOTEOV) Orientation Course
070209 VO (REMOTE) History of the Ancient World
070204 VO (REMOTE) History of the Middle Ages
070160 VO (REMOTE) History of the Middle Ages
070010 VO (REMOTE) Modern History
070141 VO (REMOTE) Modern History
070090 VO (REMOTE) Contemporary History
070052 VO (REMOTE) Contemporary History
070109 VO (REMOTE) Women's and Gender History
070217 VO (REMOTE) Austrian History I
070056 VO (REMOTE) Austrian History II
070112 VO (REMOTE) Austrian History II
070103 VO (REMOTE) Eastern European History
070007 VO (REMOTE) Global History
070081 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Economic and Social History - The economic modernization of the Habsburg Empire in comparative perspective
070094 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Economic and Social History - The Economy: Approaches from Cultural History and the History of Knowledge
070008 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading Economic and Social History - An exceptional country? Capitalism, war and social conflict in American history
070096 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading Economic and Social History - Fashion, Appearance and the Consumption of Clothes in the early modern period
070106 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Austrian History I - Actors, Spaces, Perspectives. From its beginnings until ca. 1815
070271 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading Austrian History 2 - From "Transleithania" to "Lajtán innen" - The other half of the Habsburger Monarchy
070009 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading Global History - Nations and empires revisited - Novel perspectives on economic and political integration in the long run
070070 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Cultural History - Rivers and their biographies - Riverdiscourses and transcultural flow in history
070048 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Contemporary History - Green Media? - Media waste and media representations of ecological devastation an environmental protection in the 20th and 21st century
070057 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Contemporary History - Contemporary History of parliamentary democracy and authoritarian regimes and dictatorships in the 20th/21st centuries
070102 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading East European History - Crimean History - from the First to the Second Russian Annexation (1783-2014)
070168 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading East European History - History of the Bohemian Lands - in the 19th and 20th Centuries
070115 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading History of Science - Malaria in Charlottenburg - Travelling and Research Around 1900
070265 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Contemporary History - Social science analyses of authoritarianism in the 20th century
070051 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Contemporary History - National Socialists after 1945 between Vienna and Buenos Aires - International Actors, Networks and Political Interests at the Beginning of the Cold War
070238 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Further Approaches - Foundation of the post-Ottoman world - The Conference and Treaty of Lausanne
070291 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading Economic and Social History - The Global Economy: History of an Idea
070301 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Political History - Drum for the Republic - The "Republikanische Schutzbund" and the "Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold"
070072 PS [en] (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Inner Asian Empires
070082 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Prostitution/sex work - From the perspective of labour history, gender history and history of sexuality
070107 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Austrian History 1 - Manorial system and subjects in the Austrian and Bohemian lands of the Habsburg Monarchy
070177 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Silence and Remembrance - The Problem of National Socialism in Austria after 1945
070190 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Work on Myth
070287 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Queer/ing History - On the (contemporary) history of sexualities, bodies and genders
070100 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography - Geschlechtergeschichte
070030 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070159 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070049 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070242 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070098 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070261 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography - Das Schwarze Meer als Geschichtsregion
070108 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070111 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070188 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography - Politik- und Gesellschaftsgeschichte Ost-, Mittel- und Westeuropas zwischen den beiden Weltkriegen
070006 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography - Women's and Gender History - Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte
070199 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography - Reformation and Counter-Reformation in European Historiography
070256 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography - Sowjet Women in WWII
070285 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography - Biography, History & Gender Perspectives of Historical Biographical Research
070296 UE (REMOTE) Reading Historiography
070259 VU (REMOTE) (Qualitative and quantitative) Methods of Historical and Social Research - Historical and empirical approaches to love songs
210007 VO (MIXED) BAK2 Policy and Law
210006 VO (MIXED) BAK2 Policy and Economy
210144 VO (ON-SITE) Public Policy - Environmental and Natural Resource Policy.
070278 PS (REMOTEPH-WIEN) Democracy and Adolescents Lifeworlds
070161 GK (REMOTEKPHPH-NÖPH-WIEN) Basic Course Teaching Methodology in History
070229 VK (REMOTEPH-WIEN) Advanced Course on History Didactics I
070202 VK (REMOTEPH-WIEN) Advanced Course on History Didactics I
070140 UE (REMOTE) Peer Mentoring
070037 SE (REMOTE) BA-Seminar - State and Constitution(s) in Modern Times - Studies in European Constitutional History
070039 SE (REMOTE) BA-Seminar - International Security and the Global Order - From the League of Nations to the End of the Cold War
070267 SE (REMOTE) BA-Seminar - Crime and Criminalisation - Contemporary Austrian History in the Mirror of Court Records
070295 SE [en] (REMOTE) BA-Seminar - The Crowd in History

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