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Master Digital Humanities (647)

136010 UE [en] (REMOTE) Introduction to DH Tools and Methods
040172 VU [en] (MIXED) Doing Data Science (MA)
040182 SE [en] (ON-SITE) Research Seminar (MA) - Meta- and Matheuristics Optimization
053630 SE [en] (MIXED) Research Seminar - Deep Learning
053631 LP [en] (MIXED) Data Analysis Project
110028 VO (MIXED) VO Romance Linguistics - Korpusphonologie
122250 AR [en] (REMOTE) Advanced Course in Linguistics - Focus Historical: Speakers' individuality and networks through the lens of historical texts
136040 VU [de en] (REMOTE) Computational Linguistics
136041 AR [en] (MIXED) Emotion analysis in social media
070121 PS (REMOTE) Digital Archive
070269 UE (REMOTE) Methodological course - Digital Annotation in the context of historical studies - Methods, Techniques, Standards, and Tools
136041 AR [en] (MIXED) Emotion analysis in social media
080007 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Eye Tracking Methods in Art History
080023 SE [en] (ON-SITE) Eye Tracking in Art History
160024 UE (ON-SITE) Virtuosity, Creativity, Improvisation: Empirical Challenges - - for Constructs, Methods and Digitisation

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