Universität Wien

Bachelor Sinology (611 [3] - Version 2016)

150101 PKU [de zhen zh] (MIXEDSTEOPON-SITE) STEOP: Modern Chinese 1a
150102 KSTEOP [de zhzh] (REMOTESTEOPON-SITE) STEOP: Speaking Lab 1a
150104 KSTEOP [de zhzh] (REMOTESTEOPON-SITE) STEOP: Speaking Practice 1a
150037 VO (REMOTESTEOP) STEOP: Modern Chinese Literature
150180 VO (REMOTESTEOP) STEOP: Politics of the PR of China
150140 KU [de zh] (MIXEDON-SITE) Modern Chinese 2a (M2)
150146 KU [zh] (REMOTEON-SITE) Speaking Practice 2a (M2)
150149 KU [zh] (ON-SITE) Writing Practice 2a (M2)
150153 KU [de zhzh] (MIXEDON-SITE) Reading Practice 2a
150077 KU [de zh] (ON-SITE) Specialist Language (M3) - Diplomacy
150121 KU [zh] (REMOTEON-SITE) Writing and Reading Chinese A
150157 KU [zh] (ON-SITE) Listening and Speaking A (M3)
150187 KU [zh] (ON-SITE) Reading Press (M3)
150047 UE (REMOTEMIXED) Research Methods (Literature and Culture) (M5) - Introduction to Literary Studies: Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts
150068 UE (ON-SITE) Taiwan: Growing up under martial law (1949-1987) (Politics, Economy, Law) (M6) - Anhand von "Detention" (Film und TV-Serie)
150076 UE (ON-SITE) Taiwan: Young aborigines (History and Society) (M6) - with film ands expert lecture
150117 SE Seminar (Politics, Economy, Law) (M7) - Censorship in China's social media
150163 SE (MIXED) Bachelor's Colloquium (M8)
010051 SE (ON-SITE) Religion in Focus: Naikan
150010 VO (REMOTE) Regional Studies of Japan
150020 VO [en] (REMOTE) Intercultural negotiation patterns - (WiSe)
150048 UE [zh] (ON-SITE) Chinese Calligraphy
150133 UE (REMOTE) Übung zur alten chinesischen Literatur - 5. Jh. V. Chr. bis 1900
150186 VO (REMOTE) Japanese Culture
490400 VU (MIXED) PM1 Digital Transformations

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