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M-11 Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Culture, Aesthetics (10 ECTS)

010026 SE (MIXED) Deleuze vs Badiou
010029 SE (REMOTE) Kyoto School
180077 VO (REMOTE) The philosophical foundations of civilizational analysis - Lecture with reading
180091 KU (REMOTE) The Philosophy of Film Noir
180093 SE (ON-SITE) Enlightenment and Classicism - Immanuel Kant, Johann Joachim Winckelmann, Anton Raphael Mengs
180094 SE (REMOTE) Philosophy and Old Testament
180096 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Games, Sports, and the Good Life - Lecture with reading
180097 SE (ON-SITE) Fundamental Questions of Existential Analysis - Wachen Träumen Schlafen -Seinsformen und ihre Bedeutung für die psychotherapeutische Praxis
180180 VO (REMOTE) Religion, worldview, spirituality - philosophische Orientierungen zur Einführung in die Religionsphilosophie
180216 VO-L (REMOTE) Philosophy of Science and History of Science of Research in Psychoanalysis Part 1 - From the clinical to the empirical and interdisciplinary research.

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