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VM5 Historical Aspects of Development Research (15 ECTS)

240099 VO (REMOTESGU) Inequality and Development
240064 VO (BDGMIXED) Education and International Development - Bildung für Befreiung. Eine kritische Bilanz revolutionärer Bildungskonzepte anlässlich des 100. Geburtstages von Paulo Freire und 60 Jahren Alphabetisierungskampagne in Kuba
240121 SE (ON-SITE) VM5 / VM2 - Oil Crises, Debt Crises, Structural Adjustment Programms - The 'Long 1980s' as 'Lost Decade' of Development
240116 SE [en] (REMOTENR) VM5 / VM2 - Working the Land - Labour, Technology and the Environment in Global Agriculture
240054 SE (MIXED) VM4 / VM5 - Ideologies of Emancipation and post-colonial realities - political and economic difficulties in the former colonies
240109 SE (MIXEDSGU) VM4 / VM5 - Priviligtes, discrimination and antiracist restistance - In Geschichte und Gegenwart
180205 VO [en] (REMOTE) The Story of Economic Ideas: Economic Theories and Methodological Positions - Part I, the 19th century
143218 VO (ON-SITE) Southern Africa in Longitudinal Perspective: - Thematic, Conceptional and Discursive Diggings into the Past

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