Universität Wien

WMN1 Elective Subjects: Individual Specialisation: Molecular Nutrition (compulsory module) (15 ECTS)

330002 SE [en] (REMOTE) Nutrition in Developing Countries - Gender, Nutrition & Development
330007 SE (ON-SITE) Presentationstraining
330014 VO (ON-SITE) Theories of Health Education and Health Promotion - for Master Study Programme Nutritional Sciences
330017 SE [en] (ON-SITE) International Nutrition Policy - Theory and Implementation
330022 VO (ON-SITE) History of nutrition - History of nutrition
330025 UE (MIXED) Sensory Evaluation of Foods (practice) - für Masterstudierende
330043 VO (MIXED) Psychology of Nutrition
330065 VO+SE (ON-SITE) Aspects of foods with relevance for immunology and technology - Probiotika und Nutrigenomics
330069 SE Instruction to scientific work - für Masterstudierende der Ernährungswissenschaften
330090 SE (ON-SITE) Seminar to Food Law
330099 VO (REMOTE) Food Additives - für Ernährungswissenschaften
330102 SE+UE (ON-SITE) Nutrition and Epigenetics, Methods and Epidemiologie - Molecular Epidemiology and Epigenetics
330113 VO (REMOTE) Sensory Evaluation of Foods
490400 VU (MIXED) PM1 Digital Transformations
580002 SE (ON-SITE) PhaNuSpo - Scientific Lectures - Scientific Lectures

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