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Bachelor Languages and Cultures of South Asia and Tibet (629 [2] - Version 2011)

142173 UE Readings from "Great Poetry" (mahakavya) - The story of Sakuntala and Duhsanta in the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata (I 62-69)
142508 UE Introduction to the Sanskrit drama - Readings from Bhasa's Pratijnayaugandharayana
142195 SAK [de ne] Introduction to Nepali II
142148 UE [de hi] Life in the Indian cities
142196 UE [de hi] Hindi Conversation
142195 SAK [de ne] Introduction to Nepali II
160137 PS [en] Language diversity in Tibet: Dialects and languages on the Tibetan plateau - Theory of Grammar and Structure of a Non-Indo-European Language

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