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B.2.c.iii Alternative Compulsory Module Financial Markets (16 ECTS)

040164 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Python for Finance I (MA)
040007 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Investments (MA)
040016 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Fixed Income Securities (MA)
040017 SE [en] (ON-SITE) Seminar: Corporate Governance (MA)
040019 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Bank Regulation (MA)
040099 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Options and Derivatives (MA)
040207 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Portfolio Management (MA)
040448 PR [en] (REMOTE) Performance Analysis (MA)
040569 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Valuation (MA)
040643 SE [en] (ON-SITE) Advanced Topics in Valuation (MA) - wird als Seminar aus Corporate Finance und Banking and Financial Intermediation anerkannt

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