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Alternative Compulsory Modules (30 ECTS)

The four alternative compulsory module groups (4, 5, 6 or 7) serve the purpose of deepening and specialization, but are
thematically interlocked.

190068 SE (MIXED) Development and Change of Educational Theories - Antisemitismus als Testfall für "Bildung" und "Erziehung"
190082 SE Theories of Education and Learning in the Dynamic Worlds of Media - Sozialwissenschaftliche Grundlagen der Medienpädagogik
190056 SE [en] Ethic Challenges in Education - Democratic education in democracies? The emergence and challenges of the Nordic Education Model
190041 SE School and Education Research - Lehrdinge - Material Culture und die Geschichte der Bildung
190071 SE (MIXED) Professionalisation and Professionalism in Pedagogical Professions - Pädagogische Beziehungen - das Schlüsselelement in schulischen Lehr- & Lernprozessen
190102 SE [en] Planning, Evaluation and Assessment in Education - Understanding the Culture and Roots of the Accountability Movement
190050 SE Pedagogical Approaches to Cultural Diversity and Social Disadvantage - Inklusionspädagogisch-dekoloniale Vermessungen von Klasse und Kultur
190053 SE Education and Training with Impaired Senses, Behav., Cogn., Language and Social-Emotional Developm. - Kritisch-materialistische Perspektiven auf Körper (-/und) Gefühle
190073 SE [de en] (MIXED) Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Therapy with Focus on Special Educational Needs - Counselling in family and organisational contexts. Conceptual and methogolodical approaches.
190078 SE [de en] Education, Biography and Age - How it works: Tracing the influence of a youth leadership program on the lives of disadvantaged urban youth.
190097 SE Education, Biography and Age - Professionalisierung - Macht - Biographie
190104 SE Education, Biography and Age - Biographie, Diktatur und Krieg
190021 SE Exclusion, Diversity and Social Inequality - Inklusion und Exklusion durch Digitalisierung in Bildungssystemen
190044 SE Exclusion, Diversity and Social Inequality - Geschlecht und Intersektionalität in Bildungsinstitutionen
190091 SE [de en] Exclusion, Diversity and Social Inequality - Learning to labor then and now: A contemporary examination of how working class kids get working class jobs.
190045 SE [en] Processes of Development in Counseling and Psychotherapy - The Monographic Group: Experiencing a Clinical Device for Analysing Practices in the field of Education and Training
190060 SE Processes of Development in Counseling and Psychotherapy - Psychoanalytisch-pädagogische Erziehungsberatung: Theoretische Grundlagen und Gestaltung von Beratungsprozessen
190121 SE (MIXED) Processes of Development in Counseling and Psychotherapy - Ansätze pädagogischer Beratung in der Migrationsgesellschaft

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