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C. Modules

070055 GK Basic Course Modern History - considering especially the Methods "Analysis and Interpretation of Material and Figurative Sources"/ "Archiving and Conservation": On the History of Love in (Early) Modern Times
070251 FS Research Seminar - (combined with a Tutorial)
070264 VO Women's Diaries in the 19th and 20th Century - within the Research Platform Rethinking Women's and Gender History in the New European Context
070266 KU "Good Women - Evil Women" - Gender Constructions in Pictorial Sources in the Middle Ages
070359 GR Women`s Diaries in the 19th and 20th Century - (in connection with the Lecture series of the same Title by E. Saurer and Ch. Ehrmann-Hämmerle)
070454 GR Reading Historiography - National Identity and Gender in the Historiography of Nutrition
070111 FS [de en] Research Seminar: Education and Revolution, part 1 - in 1968 and 50 Years Later in a Globalized World
070418 GR International Cooperation in Latinamerica - Communication between Local Donors and Benefit Recipients
070419 VO The Indian Ocean - The Afro-Asian Mediterranean Sea as a Cultural and Economic Space
070456 VO Expansion and Transformation - Wirtschaftsgeschichte Europas in der Frühen Neuzeit
070459 PV [en] Graduate Seminar 1
070461 VO [en] Introduction to Global History - (combined with a Tutorial)
070489 EX [en] Global Vienna
070499 GK Basic Course Medieval History considering "Statistics and Quantification in History" - Early Modern and Atlantic Expansion (16th to 18th Century)
210072 VO D3, G10: The Power of Movement - Transformation of the Field of Sport
070073 KU Text and Discourse Analytical Methods in History - Milovan Djilas' Political Writings
070092 GK Basic Course Contemporary History - considering especially Text and Discourse Analytical Methods in History: Eastern Europe after 1945
070093 KU Text and Discourse Analytical Methods in History - Reformation and Counterreformation in the Alps-Adriatic-Region
070421 KU Presentation Techniques - Hungary in the 20th Century

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