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§ 57.3. Philosophy Second Stage of the Degree Programme

180371 VO-L History of Philosophy II (MIddle Ages and Early Modernity) - Major Themes in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Contexts
180439 VO-L Forms of speculative Dialectic - Reconstruction of the Forms of speculative Dialectic in German Idealism ( Fichte,Schelling,Hegel ) and critical survey of the most important attempts at its reception
180363 SE The Notion and its Genesis in Hegel¿s Science of Logic - Relation of Causality, Reciprocity and the Beginning of the Subjective Logic
180424 SE Is there a Dignity of Human Embryos? - Der Begriff der Menschenwürde und seine Bedeutung für die zeitgenössische Diskussion um den ethischen Status befruchteter Eizellen
180474 SE What we must do and what we may do to keep you healthy? - Ethical problems in health promotion
170224 VO "It's not just a game." - Theory of games in contemporary aesthetik and art contexts

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