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14.03. South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies

140538 VO+UE Scholastic Sanskrit
140544 VO The Phonemes of Sanskrit, their Origin and Development - Selected Problems of Indo-Iranian Phonology
140483 PS Travel of the Dead - Death Rituals and Conceptions of Afterlife in the Garudapurana and the Pretamanjari
140542 PS The First of the "Family Books" of the Rigveda - Selected Stanzas of the Gritsamadas in praise of Agni, Indra and other Gods
140530 SE Readings in the Madhva School - The Purnaprajnadarsana of the Sarvadarsanasamgraha of Madhva
140532 VO [en] Presenting the Past, Reforming the Present - Indian views of the Hindu tradition in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
140582 SE [en] Selected Upanishads
140583 PV [en] Privatissimum
140551 VO [en] Dharani Literature in Comparative Philology - The Tibetan and Uygur Versions of the Usnisavijaya Dharani
140550 UE Mongolian Texts

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