Universität Wien FIND

Second Stage of the Degree Programme

120161 UE [en] World of Work 1 (ESP)
120091 UE [en] World of Work 2 (ESP)
120118 SE [en] Linguistics Seminar: Beyond Words - Capturing the Reality of Spoken Discourse
120140 SE [en] Linguistics Seminar: Right today, wrong tomorrow - how and why some ways of using English come to count as bad
120038 AR [en] Linguistics course (interactive) - Corpus Linguistics
120112 AR [en] Anglo-Saxon and Other Attitudes - Anglo-Saxon and Other AttitudesPerceptions of English as a Global Language
120171 VO [en] Special Linguistics Course: Morphology I - English inflectional morphology - synchronic/diachronic
120023 SE [en] Literary Seminar: Global Designs - Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Space in Contemporary Canadian Literature
120120 SE [en] Literary Seminar: The War of the Sexes. - Restoration Drama and its Portrayal of Gender Stereotypes
120066 SE [en] Advanced Cultural Studies Course (Seminar) - Dress Code. An introduction to the analysis of fashion, costumes and clothing.
120148 UE [en] Topic Related Course (Didactics of English) - Hooked by the book!? - Literature and ELT
120152 UE [en] Topic Related Course (Didactics of English) - English Speaking Countries in the Context of ELT
120092 UE [en] Topic Related Course (Didactics of English) - Express yourself - productive skills in language teaching

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