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1.03 Teacher Training Programme: Catholic Religious Education

010012 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the Old Testament 4 - The Books of the Prophets
010223 VO Church History Compact II - A Survey of the History of the second Christian Millenium
010073 SE Basics of religious didactics - General subject didactics
010301 SE Basics of religious didactics - General subject didactics
010351 VO Contemporary philosophy - Jean-Paul Sartre- Jürgen Habermas- Michel Foucault
010027 VO Applied Moral Theology - Ethics of Human Relations
010028 SE Specific subject didactics I - Bible didactics
010172 SE Specific subject didactics III - Religionendidaktik
010303 SE Specific subject didactics II - Schöpfung
010182 SE Religious didactics in compulsory schools - General subject didactics
010208 SE Titel
010320 SE The celebration of the Sacraments of the Sick and Dying - Sacramental-theological questions and pastoral challenges
010237 SE Seminar
010307 SE Seminar Pastoral theology - Seminar Pastoraltheologie
010034 SE Feminist Ethics
010056 VO [en] Contemporary Approaches to Religion in Sociology and Cultural Analysis - Secularisation Theory Re-Examined
010330 VO Church history of Austria I - Church history of Austria I: From the beginnings of Christianity to the High Middle Ages.
020046 UE Personal Growth and Self-Experience I - for theologians
010368 SE Ritual analysis
010349 VO Intercultural philosophy - Religionsphilosophische Strömungen Indiens im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
300073 SE Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology
010081 VO [en] Religions in Slovakia
010096 UE Writing Lab
010133 PV Exclusive tutorial - for doctoral students
010212 PV Privatissimum
010049 PV Privatissimum - Aktuelle Fragen der Fundamentalmoral
010050 PV Current Topics of Applied Ethics - Aktuelle Themen der speziellen Moraltheologie
010088 PV Privatissimum
010322 PV Exclusive tutorial (for graduands, doctoral students) - für DiplomandInnen und DissertantInnen
010009 PV Research Seminar - for advanced and postgraduate students
010326 PV Privatissimum - für Habilitanden, Doktoranden und Diplomanden
010016 PV Privatissimum - for Graduates and Post-graduate Students
010025 PV Exclusive tutorial - for doctoral students and candidates for habilitation
010083 PV Exclusive tutorial II - for postgraduates
010059 PV Exclusive tutorial I - for graduands
010041 PV Exclusive tutorial - for students who are about to take their diploma
010082 VO Fundamentals of psychoanalysis for students of theology - Under particular consideration of ethical aspects
010084 SE [en] Socio-Cultural Profiles of Eastern (Central) Europe - Survey Aufbruch 2007
010091 PV Privatissimum - for Diplomands and Doctorands
010144 UE Methods of Qualitative Research - in a theological context

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