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A. Diploma Degree Programme in Catholic Theology (1.10.2008)

Das Lehrangebot wird schrittweise auf die neuen Studienpläne umgestellt, im Studienjahr 2009/10 werden das erste und zweite Studienjahr sowie Wahlmodule angeboten. Den Studienplan finden Sie unter http://ssc-kaththeologie.univie.ac.at/index.php?id=3593

1st Stage of the Degree Programme

D1 Introduction to the Study of Theology (Orientation Period)

010082 VO Introduction to the History of Religions - Schwerpunkt Islam

D2 Biblical Hebrew

D3 History of Philosophy

D4 Old Testament Studies I

D5 New Testament Studies I

D6 History of Theology

D7 Canon Law: Basic Questions

D8 Basics of Catechetics

D9 Church History: from Ancient World to High Middle Ages

010013 VO Church History - Part I - The Origins of the Church and its Growth in Antiquity

D10 Philosophical Anthropology and Ethics

Supplementary Examination in Greek

D11 Old Testament Studies II

010078 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the Old Testament III - Weisheitliche Schriften

D12 New Testament Studies II

010077 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the New Testament II - Paul and His Letters

D13 Theory of Knowledge

D14 Christology

D15 Basic Course Moral Theology

D16 Kirchliches Verkündigungsrecht

D17 Liturgical Studies

D18 Fundamental Pastoral

D19 Church History: Late Middle Ages to Early Modern Times

D20 Metaphysics and Theology

010083 VO Metaphysics

D21 Ethics: Introduction to Political Ethics and Social Ethics

D22 Fundamental Exegesis New Testament IV

D23 Systematic Ecclesiology

D24 Theology and History of Eastern Churches

D25 Introduction to the Theology of Spirituality and Literature of the Church Fathers

D26 Advanced Course of Moral Theology: In-Depth Studies in Fundamental Morality

D27 Social Studies I: Christian Social Ethics

D28 Practical Ecclesiology

D29 Sacramental Celebrations: Introduction

D30 Thematic Module: Ecumenism

D31 Seminars for In-Depth Studies in Philosophy and Theology

2nd Stage of the Degree Programme

D32 Contemporary Philosophy

D33 Old Testament Studies III

D34 New Testament Studies III

D35 Fundamental Theological God-Talk Today

D36 Theology of Creation and Eschatology

D37 Theological Anthropology and Teaching of Grace

D38 Ecumenical Theology: Theologies and Churches of the Reformation

D39 Current Topics of Moral Theology

D40 Social Studies II: Political Ethics and Economic Ethics

D41 Comparative Studies of Religions

D42 Liturgical Studies, Sacramental Theology, Matrimonial Law

D43 Thematic Module: Dogma and Reason

D44 Philosophy of Language

D45 Philosophy of Science

D46 Introduction to Judaism

D47 Theology of the Church Fathers and Mariology

D48 Sacramental Celebrations: In-Depth- Studies

D49 Specific Pastoral Theologies

D50 Homiletics

D51 Church History: Enlightenment to Present

DAM Diploma Thesis Module

Elective Modules

Elective Module 1: "From the Bible to the Early Church"

010162 SE Titel

Elective Module: "Sexual violence in religions and society

010144 SE Girls and Boys as victims of sexual violence (Gender) - Wie religionspädagogisch und pastoral damit umgehen?

Elective Module:

010120 SE Seminar

Elective Module 6: "Church and Society"

010118 VU Focus on Migration - Aufmerksamkeit für Zuwanderung und Integration

Optional Subject

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