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§ 57.5. Pedagogy

190136 VO The Early Years of Life. - Development of the Body-Ego, the development of affects, metallization and the psychosexual development in the first three years of life
190244 VO History of Education, with Special Consideration of Austria - and teh Development of Special Education
190269 VO Biography and Age - Development and education 2: Developmental stimulation and developmental problems of children in preschool as topics of development pedagogics
190487 VO Consultation and Personality Development - psychoanalytic perspective
190488 VO Consultation and Personality Development - person-centered and humanistic perspective
190880 VO Individual and development - Personality Development and Self-Actualization
190887 VO Concepts and Constructions of Humans - Self determination and Utility of Man
190889 VO BM 14 Modelle und Methoden international vergleichender Schul- und Bildungsforschung - School systems in international comparison - An introduction to Comparative Education with special attention to the upper secondary stage of education

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