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A. Bachelor's Degree Programme Education

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Eine Orientierungslehrveranstaltung findet am Mittwoch, 29.09.2010 um 15:30 - 16:30 Uhr im HS 1, NIG (1010 Wien, Universitätsstraße), für Studierende des Bachelorstudiums Bildungswissenschaft(und für andere InteressentInnen) statt.

190236 PS Foundations of Education as an Academic Discipline - Educational research and educational theory - Possible correlations
190017 PS Education and Policy - Education as Social Value and Institutional Order
190265 PS Education and Policy - Globalization and Education
190266 PS Education and Policy - Does governance educate or does education reign?
190323 PS Education and Policy - Human rights education, politics and pedagogics
190329 PS Education and Policy - Religion and Democracy in School: A Contradiction?
190765 VO Education and Policy - Life long education
190014 PS Individual and development - Early development from the perspective of developmental psychology and Psychoanalysis in Education
190127 PS Individual and Development - Transitional processes in early childhood
190171 PS Individual and Development - Jean Piaget and Schooling
190190 VO Individual and Development - Development and Education 3. School, Familiy and other Educational Institutions as Topics of Developmental Education
190267 PS Individual and Development - Research methods in human development across the early years: a paedagogical approach
190883 VO+UE Philosophy of Science in Education - Part 2 - Critical Methods
190052 VO+UE Methods of qualitative research practice for educational sciences II - part 1 - Fundamentals of qualitative research practice: qualitative interviewing - theory, methods and practical application
190218 PS [de en] Concepts and Constructions of Humans - Anthropology and Education in the US - Pragmatism and John Dewey
190326 VO Concepts and Constructions of Humans - Modern Subjectivity in Educationals Studies - Educational-scientific perspectives on the person as a subject
190328 PS Concepts and Constructions of Humans - Menschenbild und Menschenbildung
190888 PS Concepts and Constructions of Humans - Media paedagogy: mediaarchaeological and -anarchaeological perspectives
190069 PS BM 12 Education and Culture - Cultural and Postcolonial Studies in Science of Education
190278 PS Education and Culture - Participation and Emancipation in Media
190307 PS Education and Culture - Culture of audiovisual medias. Film, TV and video generate experiences. - Do they educate by their own kind?
190224 PS Designs and Methods of International Comparative Educational Science - transitions in the european perspective
190257 VO Designs and Methods of International Comparative Educational Science - School systems in internations comparison I - An Introduction to Comparative Education I
190146 PS Consultation, Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Therapy - Recollection as integrative process. Biographical work with disabled persons
190175 VO BM17 Consultation, Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Therapy - Special nedds education and medicin - To the remedial-educational relevance of medical thinking and action in the 20th and 21-st century
190230 PS Consultation, Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Therapy - Counselling in the context of Mobile Early Intervention and Family Guidance
190946 PS [de en] Consultation, diagnostics, rehabilitation and therapy - Concepts of Disability in Cultural and Societal Contexts - Focus on Asia
190054 VO Categorical Remedial Educational Theory with Special Need - Speech, language, communication: pedagogic aspects of acquisition and impairment
190161 PS Categorical Remedial Educational Theory with Special Need - People with learning difficulties in disability studies
190233 PS Categorical Remedial Educational Theory with Special Need - About enviroment of mental handicap people - transformations and developments in view of orthopädagogic experts
190164 PS Biography and Age - Images of age and normative implications
190237 PS Biography and Age - Migration and biographic courses
190240 PS Biography and Age - Traumatic experiences within the life circle
190241 PS Biography and Age - From Kindergarten to College: Biographies in the context of the educational system
190310 VO Biography and Age - Biographical research in eduactional sciences - Introduction into theories and methodology
190362 PS Biography and Age - Educational Biographies in Migration Societies
190032 PS Society and Social Change - The Internet as a source for socially innovative education concepts
190243 PS Society and Social Change - Poverty and well being - Contemplation of aging process in Europe
190244 PS Society and Social Change - Educational problems in high-risk families
190247 PS Society and Social Change - Habitus, education and the (re-)production of social inequality. Introduction to Pierre Bourdieu`s sociology of education.
190072 SE BM23 Research Practicum - The relevance of institutional structures for educational relationship
190173 SE BM 23 Research Practicum - further education
190234 SE Research Practicum - etnogaphical methods in education
190248 SE Research Practicum - Serious Games
190320 SE Research Practicum - Empirical Education Research
190363 SE Research Practicum - Use and limits of casuistry in educational research
190492 SE Research practicum - Mediation of knowledge outside educational institutions
190500 SE Research Practicum - Empirical-quantitative methods at the model of a concrete research project I
190040 SE BM24 Bachelor's work I - The understanding and formation of object relations and psychic developments in fields of preschool education
190249 SE Bachelor's Paper I - societal and cultural aspects in classification of disabilities
190251 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Aesthetics and Education
190252 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Evaluation
190276 SE Bachelor's Paper I - schools and their capacities
190172 SE BM 25 Bachelor's Paper II - The challenge of inclusive education in school development
190254 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Gender does matter
190258 SE Bachelor's Paper II - The soul of the disabled child - On the views of the “inner world” of humans with special needs in the 19th century
190260 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Quality Management in Services for People with Intellectual Disability
190261 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Questions of academic activities of the education-science
190264 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Modern Classics of the special needs education
190327 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Paedagogical Anthropology
190349 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Why gerontagogy?
190354 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Intercultural competence with beginning teachers
190364 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Otherness as a basis for education
190365 SE [en] Bachelor's Paper II - Comparative education

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