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1. Required Modules

160131 PS Ekphrasis
110039 VO [it] Literaturwissenschaftliche Vorlesung (MA) - Italienisch - Francesco Petrarca e la sua ricezione europea
160059 PS Literary Cross-Currents (PS): Survey of Anglo-German Literary Relations - Part One: From the Earliest Times to 1800
160063 PS Social History of Literature (PS): Exile, Shoah and Literature - German, French, Italian and English examples and interrelations
110034 VO [fr] Literature Lecture (MA) - French - Marcel Proust - La mémoire des mots
120007 VO [en] Language Analysis
120029 VO [en] Language Analysis
120008 VO [en] Literatures in English - Trends in 20th Century Canadian Fiction
120040 VO [en] Literatures in English - Trauma, Memory and Narrative in the Contemporary South African Novel
120030 VO [en] Cultural and Regional Studies - Shakespeare Goes to the Movies
120130 VO [en] Cultural and Regional Studies (Canadian Civilisation) - Canada and Its Literatures
120105 VO [en] Survey of Literatures in English 2 - American Literature and Culture from the Early 17th to the Late 19th Centuries
110187 UE [pt] Portuguese 6
160150 SE Ruben Darío - Founder of Modernity - Gedichte, Erzählungen, Essays, Reiseberichte, Porträts und Autobiographie.

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