Universität Wien

A. Bachelor Degree Programme in Catholic Religious Education

B1 Introduction to the Study of Theology (Orientation Period)

B2 Introduction to Pedagogic- Scientific Professional Training and Subject Didactics

010016 VU Theory of religious education - General subject didactics

B3 Alternative Required Module: Introduction to Philosophical and Theological Methodology and Ecumenism

GR Alternative Required Module: New Testament Greek

B4 Philosophical Anthropology and Classics of Philosophical Thought

B5 Old Testament Studies I

B6 New Testament Studies I

B7 Church History - Compact

010014 VO Church History Compact I - The First Christian Millenium - Von der jüdischen Erneuerungsbewegung zu Universalansprüchen römischer Päpste

B8 Theory of Knowledge

B9 Ethics

B10 Old Testament Studies II

B11 New Testament Studies II

B12 Christology

B13 Introduction to the Theology of Spirituality and Literature of the Church Fathers

010305 VO Patrology I - Early Christian Literature

B14 Basic Course Moral Theology

B15 Introduction to Canon Law

B16 Liturgical Studies

B17 Subject Didactics- Catholic Religious Education I

010055 SE Specific subject didactics II - (Spezielle Fachdidaktik II: Ethikdidaktik)

B18 Pedagogic- Scientific Professional Training I

B19 Metaphysics and the Teaching of God

010083 VO Metaphysics

B20 Systematic Ecclesiology

B21 Ecumenical Theology

B22 Social Studies I: Christian Social Ethics

B23 Sacramental Celebrations: Introduction

B24 Practical Ecclesiology

B25 Subject Didactics- Catholic Religious Education II

010063 PR Religious education in compulsory schools - Subject related traineeship in compulsory schools
010163 SE Specific subject didactics III - (Spezielle Fachdidaktik III)

B26 Pedagogic- Scientific Professional Training II

BAM Bachelor Module

010011 BA "Why do you seek the living One among the dead?" - Easter Narratives in Canonical and Apokryphal Gospels
010044 BA Sources for medieval church history - mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der mittelalterlichen Ordensgeschichte
010064 DS Basics and methods for Church History - an Introduction - "Die Leisten zum Schustern"
010098 LS Theology and Arts: Life, Surviving and Escaping - An Encounter between Aharon Appelfeld and Philip Roth

Optional Subject

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