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D. Diploma Programme Sociology (Branch of Study: Law, Social Sciences and Economics)

Im Folgenden sind die Lehrveranstaltungen gegliedert nach den Studienabschnitten und Fächern des Diplomstudiums (rechts-, sozial- und wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Studienrichtung) angeführt. Weiterführende Informationen zum Diplomstudium (einschließlich Studienplan) finden sich auf der Institutswebsite.

230012 VO Structure and Development of Mordern Societies - Social Change of the Austrian Society
230008 VO Statistics I
230048 UE Statistics I
230072 UE Statistics I
230052 SE Pierre Bourdieu
230070 WS Diagnosis of Society: Gender Theories/ Gender Difference - Critical perspectives and/ or postmodern enhancement: "Mainstreaming Gender?"
230030 VO+UE Game Theory
230073 UE Statistics 2 - Übung
230112 UE Table Analysis
230130 UE Statistics 2
230171 UE Table Analysis
230106 VO+SE The theoretical version of Austrian sociology created by Lorenz von Stein and the following - Sociological thinking from Ludwig Gumplowicz, Gustav Ratzenhofer, the sociological cercle during the presence of Max Weber in Vienna to Paul Lazersfeld
230050 VO Sociology of Religion: Cradle of Modernity - Sociology of puritanical sects
230064 VO+SE Family Sociology
230076 VO+SE Sociology of development - Theorien, Diskurse, Akteure, Prozesse
230094 SE Research Seminar on Migration - Methods in Migration and Remigration Research
230095 SE Gender and Globalisation - Genderaspekte ökonomischer Globalisierung. Analysen und Perspektiven
230096 SE Social Division in the City - Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Segregation and Gentrification
230099 VO+SE Visual Sociology 2
230119 VO+SE Patient organizations in the "Health Society" - In the context of Expert-Organizations and "New Governance"
230132 SE Social Sustainability: Theoretical and political concepts, empirical approaches - Fields of application, case studies in the field of subsidized social housing
230138 SE Religion, Culture, Ethnicity - Minorities in tension between Diaspora and the Nation State
230169 SE Youth Cultures and Gender Relations - Between neoliberal gender regimes and "new" feminisms Between neoliberal gender regimes and "new" feminisms
230092 PR Research Lab
230093 PR Research Lab - About social selectivity in the education system. How streamlining accrues from diversity.
230021 KU [de sgn] Public Law for Sociologists - Introduction to Constitutional-, Administrative- and European Law
230124 KU KU Business Administration - Business Aspects of Sociology

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