Universität Wien

B. Bachelor Degree Programme in Catholic Religious Education (1.10.2008)

010016 VU Theory of religious education - General subject didactics
010305 VO Early Christian Literature - Patrology I
010073 SE Basics of religious didactics - General subject didactics
010089 SE Specific subject didactics - (Spezielle Fachdidaktik II: Ethikdidaktik)
010182 SE Religious didactics in compulsory schools - General subject didactics
010018 PR Religious education in compulsory schools - Subject related traineeship in compulsory schools
010163 SE Specific subject didactics III - (Spezielle Fachdidaktik III)
010011 BA Origin, topics and stages of Christian anti-Judaism - (Serie: Kontroversthemen der Kirchengeschichte, Teil I)
010022 BA [en] Ethics of Human Rights
010127 SE Sexual violence
010208 BA Spirituality made concret II - New explorations in the Archdiocese of Vienna

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