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§ 4: Second Stage of the Degree Programme

180052 VO-L History of Philosophy III -Kant and the German Idealism - Emotion, Instinct, Reason
180096 VO-L History of Philosophy II (Middle Ages and Early Modernity) - Metaphysik and Ontologie concerning Avicenna and Thomas von Aquinas
180077 VO-L Metaphysics and Ontology - Heidegger: Sein und Zeit
180114 SE Environmental ethics and biocultural diversity - Positionen und Argumente
010081 VO Free will - The current interdisciplinary debate
180008 VO Truth
180013 VO [en] Intellectual Virtue
180166 SE [en] Personal Identity
260104 SE [de en] Quantum physics without formalism - Interdisciplinary seminar of quantum physics
180108 VO-L Philosophy in Latin America (Argentinien, Chile, Paraguay) - Identity, Comparison, Interaction between Latin American and European
180084 SE The Question of God - Gottesbeweise
180095 SE Kant
180030 PJ+SE Butler - Laclau - Zizek: Translation and Workshop - Übersetzung und Workshop
180061 SE Platos Politeia
180099 VO-L Critique of fetishism:Critique of fetishism - cognitive and ideological criticism in Western Marxism
180116 PS Gender and Subversion - Irony, Parody, Laughter
180021 SE Seminar Philosophy of Science I - Basics, theoretical and practical aspects of philosophy of science
180022 SE Philosophy of Science - Wissensgenerierung und Modellbildung in der Wissenschaft
180027 SE The technical object - Gilbert Simondon, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari
180105 VO-L A New Kind of Science? - Philosophy in the Von-Neumann-Galaxy
180065 SE Science&Fiction
180086 VO-L Lecture Series: The Forgotten Body in Philosophy - Philosophy On Stage
180118 SE [en] Leone Ebreo (Judah Abravanel) - Jewish Renaissance Philosophy of Love
180030 PJ+SE Butler - Laclau - Zizek: Translation and Workshop - Übersetzung und Workshop
180013 VO [en] Intellectual Virtue

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