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3. Specialization Phase

3.1. Specialization in Management

3.1.1. Required Modules Financial Management Marketing Management Organization and Human Resource Management Production Management Accounting

3.1.2. Required Elective Modules Management Module Business Law Module

040717 VK RdW: Copyright Core Subjects Module Principles of Finance External Business-Accounting (Basics Module) Revision, Tax and Escrow (Basics Module) Strategic Innovation and Technology Management Production Analysis Supply Chain Management Basics in Managerial Accounting Module "IT-based Management" Enterprise Information Systems IT-Governance
040952 VK [ en ] BA IT: IT-Governance
040953 SE [ en ] BA IT: IT-Governance Internet Marketing and Electronic Commerce

3.2. Specialization in Business Statistics

3.2.1. Linear Models

3.2.2. Extending Linear Models

3.2.3. Econometrics and Time Series Analysis

3.2.4. Probability Calculation

3.2.5. Applied Statistics, Bio Statistics and Consulting

3.2.6. Statistic Software and Computational Statistics

3.3. Specialization in Economic Analysis

3.3.1. Formal Modelling in Economy

040734 UE [ de en ] Decision and Game Theory

3.3.2. Decision and Game Theory

3.3.3. Applied Econometrics and Empirical Business Research

3.3.4. Basics of Financial Science

3.3.5. Economics

040553 UK Social Policy
040993 UK [ en ] Money and Banking

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