Universität Wien FIND

1st Stage of the Degree Programme

010022 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the New Testament III - The Gospel of John
010094 VO Epistemology
010013 VO Church History III - Late Medieval and Reformation
010083 VO Metaphysics
010210 VO The Universal Call to Holiness and Special Vocations in the Church - Die allgemeine Berufung zur Heiligkeit und besondere Berufungen
010305 VO Early Christian Literature - Patrology I
010009 SE Titel
010015 SE "I have become a brother to jackals": Social Dimensions of Suffering in "Jobian Literature" - Soziale Dimensionen der Leiderfahrung in der Ijob-Literatur
010052 BA Can God suffer? The Apathy of God in Rabbinic and current Christian Theology - Das Apathie-Axiom bei den Rabbinern und in der systematischen Theologie der Gegenwart
010070 FS Infancy gospels
010072 SE Basic Texts of Dogmatic Theology - Henri de Lubac: Catholicisme - Henri de Lubac: Glauben aus der Liebe. "Catholicisme"
010088 FS Asymmetries and Hopes in a sibling- like Relationship - The Orthodox- Catholic Dialogue after the Second Vatican Council
010089 BA Titel
010128 DS Titel

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