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B. Master's Degree Programme Education

190126 VO Education as an Academic Discipline - foundations of education science
190196 SE Education as an Academic Discipline - Zwischen Positivismusstreit und Grundlagenkrise
190334 SE Education as an Academic Discipline - Selected Chapters of General Education
190099 SE Theory of Educational Science I: Education and Change - Philosophien des Lehrens
190051 SE Theory of Educational Science: Curriculum and Instructions - From >Schulehalten< to >Unterrichten< - Classroom Instruction as Teaching Reform in the Latter Half of the 18th Century: J. I. Felbiger's Method Manual
190245 SE Theory of Educational Science: Curriculum and Instructions - Teaching and Learning in Times of the Accountability Movement
190098 SE Theory of Educational Science: Special Needs and Inclusive Education - Theoretical attempts of the remedial educational theory
190254 SE [en] Theory of Educational Science: Special Needs and Inclusive Education - Theoretical Concepts of Inclusive Education
190205 SE Development and Change of Educational Theories - Educational Theory in Historical and Geo-political Context
190033 SE Concepts of Humans and Theories of Education - Nothing than usefulness? - Pedagogy of enlightment
190082 SE [en] School and Education Research - New Directions in Curriculum Studies
190202 SE Professionalisation and Professionalism in Pedagogical Professions - professionality in educational contexts changing your way of thinking
190174 SE Historical and Social Conditions of Teaching and Learning - Teaching and Learning in Historical Context
190204 SE Historical and Social Conditions of Teaching and Learning - The representation of Austria and its effect on political education at school. - The 1928 Vienna Education Board's Books on the Republic and the 1934-38 Ministry od Education's Books on Austria
190059 SE [de en] Pedagogical Approaches to Cultural Diversity and Social Disadvantage - Capability Approach and Difference
190045 SE Education and Training with Impaired Senses, Behav., Cogn., Language and Social-Emotional Developm. - On the history and development of the education for mental disability
190035 SE Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Therapy with Focus on Special Educational Needs - Educational processes support by participation and cooperation: System broad consultation attempts in theory and practise
190009 SE Education, Biography and Age - Biographical approaches in adult education
190076 SE Exclusion, Diversity and Social Inequality - Education on the margins of society
190185 SE Processes of Development in Counseling and Psychotherapy - Counselling and professional development
190108 SE Educational Theories in International and Historical Comparison - Jaspers' approach to cosmopolitan education
190078 SE Didactics: Teaching and Learning with Media - Learningtheoretical perspectives on serious games
190329 SE Anthropology and Education - Doing Bodies - Media Representations and Performative Inscriptions on the Human Body as a Challenge to Ethics
190089 SE Education - Alterity - Cultur(alism) - Identity/Alterity of Self and Other in Educational Theory
190232 SE Education - Alterity - Cultur(alism) - Interculturality and urban space
190198 SE Education and Gender - Violence experiences of women with physical and sensory disabilities - pedagogical implications
190219 SE Education and Gender - Heteronormativity - Queer-/Feminist Contributions to Theories on Education
190305 SE Consultation and Consultation Research - Relationship and process
190049 PR M16 Science Practicum - empirical methods
190117 PR M16 Science Practicum - Library placement - Students tutoring students

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