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11.2. Block of Elective Modules: Zoology

300020 VO Basic entomology - Introduction to the systematics, morphology and anatomy of insects.
300356 UE Entomological Laboratory - Entomological and taxonomic studies on selected insects
300020 VO Basic entomology - Introduction to the systematics, morphology and anatomy of insects.
300043 VO Ornithology II - Introduction to the Ornithology : reprodaction biology
300049 VO Biology, ecology and conservation biology of bats - The course will focus on the biology (morphology, reproduction, echolocation) and ecology (ecomorphology, feeding ecology, roostin ecology) of bats. Furthermore threats to bats and conservation measures to protect bats will be discussed.
300247 UE+EX Ecological-terrestrial Fieldcourse - Fieldcourse in the mediterranean region
300250 UE+EX Ecological behaviour of pollinator insects - Ecological behaviour of pollinator insects
300295 UE Field course "Aquatic Habitats" - advanced level
300335 UE [en] Bio-Acoustics II - Advanced Bioacoustics
300428 UE+EX Chironomidae identification course - advanced level
300482 VO The world of mites - morphology, biology, ecology, phylogeny, medical and commercial relevance
300543 UE+EX Biology of the Cladoceran Branchiopods - Systematics, Biology and Ecology of the Cladoceran Branchiopods of Central Europe.
300155 VO [en] Introduction in the Evolutionary Systems Biology - What do "Big-Data-Approaches" add to our understanding of systems?
300336 VO [en] Biology of Cognition
300253 UE [de en] Methods in Field Research - Focus: Birds and small Mammals
300314 UE [en] Fauna and flora of marine habitats - only together with course 300303

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