Universität Wien

B. Master's Degree Programme Philosophy

070083 SE Seminar (PM4) - The Sciences and Pictorial Representation. On the Visualization and Popularization of Scholars and Research Topics in the Media
180053 SE Logical Empiricism - Wien-Berlin-Prague-Warsaw compared
180058 SE [de en] Cyborgology - Technikphilosophische Untersuchungen
180139 SE [en] Robot Ethics
180144 SE Transhumanism
180025 SE Psychotechnique as a Philosophical Problem - Texte von Stern bis Stiegler
180040 VO-L Theory of yogic praxis - Theorie yogischer Praxis
180043 VO-L History as a topic of philosophy - Recent controversies on narrativity, world history, and posthistoire
180161 VO-L [en] Subject, Mode, Force
180158 SE Matter and Memory - Bergsons Philosophy of Mind
180161 VO-L [en] Subject, Mode, Force
180156 SE [de en] Thinking Community: Address, Love and Secrecy - A course on social responsiveness
180174 SE [en] Rationality - Markets - Institutions - Ethics - An Introduction to Philosophy & Economics
180129 SE Gilles Deleuze - On the relation of art and philosophy in Deleuze
180130 SE This is not a seminar: Foucault and Magritte - Foucault und Magritte

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