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Bachelor Theatre, Film and Media Studies (580 [2] - Version 2011)

170122 UE Exercise Course "Performance and Staging Analysis" - How to Talk About Theatre
170126 UE Exercise Course "Media Analysis" - Medial difference, medial convergence - An introduction into media studies analysis.
170127 UE Exercise Course "Media Analysis" - Media in Comparison
170128 UE Exercise Course "Media Analysis" - "I can see what you can see" - Media, events, eye witnessing
170129 UE Exercise Course "Media Analysis" - The Work of Representation. Introduction to Stuart Hall
170133 PS Introductory Seminar "Film Theory" - Designated images. Film theories of control and liberation.
170134 PS Introductory Seminar "Film Theory" - Reflexivity in film
170135 PS Introductory Seminar "Film Theory" - What is film?
170136 PS Introductory Seminar "Film Theory" - An introduction to film theory
170137 PS Introductory Seminar "Media Theory" - Primordial, natural, real! Media Theory and Deconstruction as Questioning of the Unquestionable
170138 PS Introductory Seminar "Media Theory" - Introduction to media theory
170139 PS Introductory Seminar "Media Theory" - Theories That Matter. Relations Between Gender and Canonical Media Theory
170212 PS Introductory Seminar "Concepts and Techniques of Acting" - Performing as human beings, monsters and furniture. Acting as a historical variable.
170215 UE Exercise Course "Body Practices and Gender Presentations" - Technoecologies of Sex and Gender
170220 PS Introductory Seminar "Narrativity in Theatre, Film and Media" - Narrativity in theatre, film and media in the 19th and early 20th century.
170221 PS Introductory Seminar "Narrativity in Theatre, Film and Media" - Audionarratology: Radio Drama, Documentary & Podcast
170222 PS Introductory Seminar "Narrativity in Theatre, Film and Media" - Intermedial Traces: Theatricality and Mediality
170223 UE Exercise Course "Media Transitions" - Thinking comics through comics - Introduction to comic studies by the example of Chris Ware
170224 UE Exercise Course "Media Transitions" - 'von material zu architektur' by László Moholy-Nagy
170225 UE Exercise Course "Media Transitions" - From music to film
170230 PS Introductory Seminar "Theatre and Media Spaces" - Mobile concepts of living and architecture
170231 PS Introductory Seminar "Theatre and Media Spaces" - Cinematic Space. Theories and Analysis
170232 PS Introductory Seminar "Theatre and Media Spaces" - Home Computer: Media-historical perspectives on the digitalisation of the home
170233 UE Exercise Course "Staged Spaces" - Flying Media. Medialities of Traffic: The Case of Aviation.
170234 UE Exercise Course "Staged Spaces" - World traffic of images. Space in the travel film.
170235 UE Exercise Course "Staged Spaces" - When the stage scenery vanishes
170301 VO Lecture: The History of Theatre - Modernity and modernism
170310 VO Lecture: The History of Film - Film history of money
170400 VO The Uncanny
060003 VO Introduction: Visual Jewish Cultural History - (Jüdische Kulturgeschichte in Film und Medien)
170521 UE Keep moving, there's nothing to see here! - On film curatorship

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