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Bachelor Religious Education (Emphasis: Catholic Religious Education) (195 [7] - Version 2017)

020035 VO-L (ON-SITE) STEOP: Theological Encyclopedia
020058 PS (REMOTESTEOP) Introduction to scientific working
020001 VO (REMOTE) Introduction to Islam - History of Islam from Muhammad to the epoch of the Abbasides
060013 VO (MIXED) Introduction to Judaism
010018 PS (REMOTE) Exegetical methods
010036 VO (REMOTE) Introduction to the Bible
010028 VO (REMOTE) Medieval philosophy
010132 VO (MIXED) Ancient Philosophy
490033 PR (REMOTE) Orientation Practicum
010040 VU (ON-SITE) Theory of Religious Education
010085 PR (KPHON-SITE) Religious education in compulsory schools - Subject related traineeship in compulsory schools
010010 VO (REMOTE) Basic Course New Testament I
010012 SE (REMOTEKPH) Thinking Philosophically and Theologically - In consideration of primary level
010035 SE (KPHON-SITE) Thinking Philosophically and Theologically - In consideration of primary level
010041 SE (KPHON-SITE) Specific subject didactics - Main focus primary level
010042 SE (REMOTEKPH) Ethical Education - In consideration of primary level
010096 SE (KPHON-SITE) Orthodox Teaching Methodology
010034 VO (MIXED) Christian Social Ethics I - Sozialverkündigung, Sozialprinzipien und Ethik des Sozialstaats
010006 VO (MIXED) Christology
010048 VO (MIXED) Dogmatics: On God
010083 VO (REMOTE) Metaphysics
010026 SE (MIXED) Deleuze vs Badiou
010029 SE (REMOTE) Kyoto School
010075 SE (ON-SITE) Titel - Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Christusbild in der Kunst I
010081 SE (MIXED) Pastoral Course I
010109 SE (ON-SITE) What is human ? - On the relationship between anthropology and ethics as reflected in interdisciplinary approaches
010119 SE (ON-SITE) Applied ethics in film

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