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Bachelor Religious Education (Emphasis: Catholic Religious Education) (195 [7] - Version 2017)

010018 PS (MIXED) Exegetical methods
010290 VO Modern Philosophy - Between Rationalism and Empirism
490033 PR (MIXED) Orientation Practicum
010006 VO Basic Course Church History I - The first christian millenium
010223 VO Basic Course Church History II - The second millenium of Christianity
010050 VU (MIXEDKPH) Culture-Religion-Identity
010041 SE (KPH) Specific subject didactics - Main focus primary level
010042 SE (KPH) Ethical Education
010009 SE Eastern christian approaches to interreligious dialogue - Issues of orthodox fundamental theology
010046 SE End-time visions in music - Eschatological motives in the works of Mozart, Brahms, Spohr, Messiaen, Orff, Pärt a.o.
010109 SE [en] What is human ? - On the relationship between anthropology and ethics as reflected in interdisciplinary approaches
010118 SE "Ecstatic jubilation". Poems and prayers as a limitation of language - Accompanying Seminar of the Poetics Lectureship

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