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Return to Vienna for the summer semester of 2022. We are planning to hold courses mainly on site to enable the personal exchange between you, your teachers and fellow students. We have labelled digital and mixed courses in u:find accordingly.

Due to COVID-19, there might be changes at short notice (e.g. individual classes in a digital format). Obtain information about the current status on u:find and check your e-mails regularly.

Please read the information on https://studieren.univie.ac.at/en/info.

Bachelor Sinology (611 [3] - Version 2016)

150101 KSTEOP [de zhen zh] (MIXEDSTEOPON-SITE) STEOP: Modern Chinese 1a
150102 KSTEOP [de zhzh] (REMOTESTEOPON-SITE) STEOP: Speaking Lab 1a
150104 KSTEOP [de zhzh] (REMOTESTEOPON-SITE) STEOP: Speaking Practice 1a
150037 VO (REMOTESTEOP) STEOP: Modern Chinese Literature
150180 VO (REMOTESTEOP) STEOP: Politics of the PR of China
EXAM REMOTE Examination M1
150140 KU [de zh] (MIXEDON-SITE) Modern Chinese 2a (M2)
150146 KU [zh] (REMOTEON-SITE) Speaking Practice 2a (M2)
150149 KU [zh] (ON-SITE) Writing Practice 2a (M2)
150153 KU [de zhzh] (MIXEDON-SITE) Reading Practice 2a
150077 KU [de zh] (ON-SITE) Specialist Language (M3) - Diplomacy
150121 KU [zh] (REMOTEON-SITE) Writing and Reading Chinese A
150157 KU [zh] (ON-SITE) Listening and Speaking A (M3)
150187 KU [zh] (ON-SITE) Reading Press (M3)
150047 UE (REMOTEMIXED) Research Methods (Literature and Culture) (M5) - Introduction to Literary Studies: Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts
150068 UE (ON-SITE) Taiwan: Growing up under martial law (1949-1987) (Politics, Economy, Law) (M6) - Anhand von "Detention" (Film und TV-Serie)
150076 UE (ON-SITE) Taiwan: Young aborigines (History and Society) (M6) - with film ands expert lecture
150117 SE Seminar (Politics, Economy, Law) (M7) - Censorship in China's social media
150163 SE (MIXED) Bachelor's Colloquium (M8)
010051 SE (ON-SITE) Religion in Focus: Naikan
150010 VO (REMOTE) Regional Studies of Japan
150020 VO [en] (REMOTE) Intercultural negotiation patterns - (WiSe)
150048 UE [zh] (ON-SITE) Chinese Calligraphy
150133 UE (REMOTE) Übung zur alten chinesischen Literatur - 5. Jh. V. Chr. bis 1900
150186 VO (REMOTE) Japanese Culture
490400 VU (MIXED) PM1 Digital Transformations

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