Universität Wien

Group of Elective Modules in Chemistry (50 ECTS out of at least 3 from 5 groups of Elective Modules)

270130 PR Practical Course Spectroscopy - UV/VIS, IR/Ra, NMR
270259 UE [de en] Oscillation Spectroscopy - measuerment and selected topics
270296 UE Interpretation of Spectra and of Structural Analysis - Interpretation of Spectra and Structure Determination (UVIS, IR, MS, NMR)
270210 VO NMR Spectroscopy of bio-molecules - Strukturbestimmung von freien und proteingebundenen Kohlehydraten
270099 VO (ON-SITE) Food Analytics I
270117 VO (REMOTE) Food Chemistry I - für Studierende im Master
270119 PR [de en] (MIXED) Practical Food Analysis Course III
270154 PR [de en] (MIXED) Practical Food Analysis Course I
270193 VO (ON-SITE) Sample Preparation Techniques
270194 VO (ON-SITE) Immunoanalytical Methods
270226 PR (ON-SITE) Proteomics I
270227 PR (MIXED) Immunoanalytical Methods - Immunanalytische Methoden (Wahlfach-PR)
270238 VO (ON-SITE) Biomarker
270241 PR (MIXED) Lipidomics
270242 VO (ON-SITE) Metabolomics
270243 VO (ON-SITE) Lipidomics
270035 VO (ON-SITE) Mass Spectrometry I
270244 PR (ON-SITE) Mass Spectrometry I
270245 PR (MIXED) Mass Spectrometry II
270247 VO (ON-SITE) Mass Spectrometry II
270248 VO (ON-SITE) Proteomics
270249 VU (ON-SITE) Chemometrics
270180 VO (MIXED) Ecotoxicology
270027 VO [de en] (REMOTE) Food Toxicology I
270050 VO (ON-SITE) Food Law - European and Austrian Basics
270106 VO (REMOTE) Food Additives
270118 VO [de en] (ON-SITE) Food and Environmental Contaminants
270311 PR [de en] (MIXED) Practical Course on Food Toxicology
270030 VU (REMOTE) Cellular energetics
270045 VO (REMOTE) Posttranslational modifiations on proteins - Biologische Funktionen
270295 VU [en] (REMOTE) Chemical Biology
270178 VU Radio Chemistry
270203 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Medical Radio Chemistry 1 - Medicinal Radiochemistry I
270315 VO (ON-SITE) Radioactive Metals in Medicine
270284 VO [en] (MIXED) Colloid and Interface Science
270314 VO (ON-SITE) Bioinorganic Chemistry

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