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Bachelor Nutritional Sciences (638 [4] - Version 2013)

330008 VO (MIXEDOV) Basics in Nutrition: Applied and Multidisciplinary - Teil der STEOP im Bachelorstudium Ernährungswissenschaften Version 2013 und im UF Bach HE/DP HÖK
330105 VO (REMOTE) Nutritional Scienes as a Scientific Discipline - Teil der STEOP im Bachelor EW Version 2013 und Bachelor Lehramt
330106 VO (MIXED) Practice in Chemical Calculations - Teil der STEOP im Bachelor EW Version 2013
330107 VO (MIXED) General and Inorganic Chemistry - for nutritional scientists
330004 UE (MIXED) Practices in Biostatistics
330015 VO (REMOTE) Scientific Work - Methodology of Research and Interpretation of Literature
330098 VO (REMOTE) Biostatistics
330019 VO (REMOTE) Biochemistry
330001 UE (MIXED) Chemical exercises for nutritional scientists (5ECTS/ 4SWS) - für Ernährungswissenschaften
330018 UE (REMOTE) Biochemical Practise
EXAM ON-SITE Food chemistry
270034 VO (MIXED) Food Chemistry - für Studierende im Bachelor (Chemiker und Lehramt / Unterrichtsfach Chemie)
330049 VO (ON-SITE) Food Technology - Chemical Food Technology and Physical Techniques of Food Processing
330071 VO (MIXED) Food Chemistry - für Ernährungswissenschaften
330039 VO (ON-SITE) Food Law
330064 VO (REMOTE) Microbiology and Hygene
330038 UE (MIXED) Practices in Lifestyle and Nutrition Associated Diseases and Dietetics - Basics of special dietetics (5ECTS/4SWS)
330132 VO (REMOTE) Sport and Nutrition - Physiological basics of performance, training and nutrition
330063 SE Scientific Writing and Bachelor Thesis - für Bachelorstudierende Ernährungswissenschaften Version 2013
330016 VO (ON-SITE) Organic Farming
330046 EX (ON-SITE) Excursion in Organic Farming
330034 UE (REMOTE) Histology and Cytology
330016 VO (ON-SITE) Organic Farming
330021 VO (REMOTE) Human ecology - Basics in Nutrition Ecology - Mensch und Biosphäre
330046 EX (ON-SITE) Excursion in Organic Farming
330022 VO (ON-SITE) History of nutrition - History of nutrition
330127 SE (ON-SITE) Connect@Nutri - e-Mentoring als Schlüssel zum erfolgreichen Studieren
040119 VO (REMOTE) ABWL Marketing I

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