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Bachelor Nutritional Sciences (638 [4] - Version 2013)

330008 VO (REMOTE) Basics in Nutrition: Applied and Multidisciplinary - Version für Studienbeginner des Sommersemesters Teil der STEOP im Bachelorstudium Ernährungswissenschaften Version 2013 und im Lehramtstudium UF HE/HÖK
330105 VO (REMOTE) Nutritional Scienes as a Scientific Discipline - Teil der STEOP im Bachelor EW
330106 VO (REMOTE) Practice in Chemical Calculations - Teil der STEOP im Bachelor EW Version 2013
330107 VO (REMOTE) General and Inorganic Chemistry - for nutritional scientists
330004 UE (REMOTE) Practices in Biostatistics
330088 VO (REMOTE) Human Physiology
330112 VO (REMOTE) Anatomy and Histology
330048 VO (REMOTE) Organic chemistry
330001 UE (REMOTE) Chemical exercises for nutritional scientists (5ECTS/ 4SWS) - für Ernährungswissenschaften
330018 UE (REMOTE) Biochemical Practise
EXAM REMOTE Food chemistry
330031 UE (ON-SITE) Practice of Human Nutrition I
330108 UE (ON-SITE) Practice in Human Nutrition II
330065 VO (REMOTE) Microbiology and Hygene
330032 VO (REMOTE) Sport and Nutrition - Physiological basics of performance, training and nutrition
330038 UE (MIXED) Practices in Lifestyle and Nutrition Associated Diseases and Dietetics - Basics of special dietetics (5ECTS/4SWS)
330063 SE (REMOTE) Scientific Writing and Bachelor Thesis - für Bachelorstudierende Ernährungswissenschaften Version 2013
330005 VO (REMOTE) Basics of Food Sensory - für Bachelorstudium
330009 UE (ON-SITE) Practice in Basics of Food Sensory - für Bachelorstudium
330089 UE (ON-SITE) Microbiology Practicals
330013 SE (REMOTE) Connect@Nutri Advanced - Tipps und Anleitungen zum Beginn des Studiums
330024 SE (MIXED) Seminar Habitat forming/Human ecology - Habitat forming under human-ecological aspects
330084 VO+SE (REMOTE) Communication- and mediaresearch

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